Solvinity: name for high-end IT services company

ASP4all and Bitbrains, two of the best cloud specialists from The Netherlands, joined forces in early 2014 to provide the latest state-of-the-art cloud solutions and to serve international clients.

ASP4all’s strength has always been creating, securing and managing complex IT environments. Bitbrains has been good at quickly introducing solutions based on pay-per-use models and high-performance computing.

With 180 employees and a turnover of 35 million in 2014, the new company immediately belongs to the top three largest independent Dutch cloud service providers.


Globrands is asked by ASP4all and Bitbrains to guide and advise in formulating the new brand positioning and developing a new brand name. It has to be internationally usable and fit the brand positioning.

brand positioning

With the new name, the company positions itself as an international leader in the field of cloud services. Because both ASP4all and Bitbrains bring in their own strengths, the company combines high-end cloud technology with safety and reliability on the one hand, and flexibility and customer focus on the other.


The new name reflects the solution-driven and customer-oriented approach in information technology, says CEO Frank van den Belt. ‘Now that integration issues are arising regarding the public, private and hybrid cloud, while speed and scalability are becoming increasingly important, we can build on the proven track record which our people have built up over the years.’

The name Solvinity is able to carry this massage in an internationally understandable and distinctive way.