A name for a compensation platform that lets all benefit


How do you choose a brand name that connects a great modern compensation and benefits platform with an audience that is international, diverse in age, interests and profession?

Despite the original name, YourCampus was not about education. It has alwas been an employment and compensation platform. And not just any one, but the most complete, modern and accessible – and that for employees of different ages, with different expectations, in different industries.

The idea behind the name YourCampus was: let the company you work for be a place that’s yours. Your home. Your campus.

The problem was that a campus doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Many people thought it was only for students. Meanwhile, the brand was spreading its wings and needed to broaden its audience.

It needed a simple name that felt right for everyone and did not create misconceptions.

Increase well-being and boost morale

Design agency Verve developed the core promise: helping clients be the most attractive employer in today’s market. This means letting employees choose their own terms of employment, so they experience the highest satisfaction and feel the most engagement at the lowest cost. This is a win-win situation to increase well-being, boost morale and add to a positive workspace culture.

An open and abstract name for a diverse audience

How do you translate that to naming? Globrands took the organisation through a naming journey in two phases. First, we looked at name ideas in three areas: what you get, how you feel, and what is shared.

An employee compensation platform has a very diverse audience, ranging from executive to entry-level workers. Each has different interests, so the name could not convey too specific a promise. A name was chosen that stood for a mood that everyone could relate to.

So we looked for an abstract name where the emphasis would be on happiness, togetherness, and a personal approach. The preferred tone was simple, friendly, and open.

Bringing the company to their next growth stage

Alleo is a name that conveys inclusivity, progress and positivity. It has an open and friendly tone. The explanation line is simple: “All earnings optimised”.

This is a good example of changing a company’s name when it is growing and ready for the next stage. As a reader, what do you think about your brand’s naming? Is it moving your brand forward, or holding you back?

With Alleo, we found a name that stuck with almost everyone immediately. And with a meaning: 'all earnings optimised'. We are incredibly excited about the result and look forward to a bright future for Alleo, our partners, customers, employees, and shareholders!

Florian GendraultAlleo