About us

The names behind the brands

Meet the verbal strategists and creators who use new language to lay the foundation for your brand.


Globrands' ever-watchful eye on future possibilities has led to a large number of well-known brand names. They play a central role in the daily lives of people around the world.

We see our work as creating a brand's own fertile ground, the basis for a thriving future. A verbal identity that opens hearts and markets.

We are strategists

Your brand’s goals are the starting point of a journey that leads to a concrete deliverable: ownable wording that carries your story and builds value.

Process masters

Developing a verbal identity means deciding on questions that are intuitive, subjective, emotional, full of legal pitfalls and often with a crowd of different stakeholders.

Not exactly questions for a name contest. Or artificial intelligence.

Or in fact, anything that doesn't truly understand your audience, your way of working and what makes you tick.

And lovers of language

As language geeks, we are of the free-spirited kind. Few rules, no dogmas. Words are there to play with and create unique places in people's minds. We love seeing how changing one letter can completely change the way a brand may develop.

We work for clients in motion

GNN, the Global Naming Network

Together with our GNN partners, we have access to creative, cultural expertise and local market knowledge around the world. A unique network of agencies specialized in branding and naming in which consultants and creatives are deployed on a project basis.

China: Labbrand

Italy: Linda Luguori

France: Næmes

South Korea: Brandingcom

Switzerland: Admarka

The Netherlands: Globrands

Turkey: Markam

USA: Labbrand

Meet the team

Your challenge, our calling

Meet our team of brand and naming strategists. Their superpower is to hear your underlying brand questions and translate them with you into new and ownable language that opens up hearts and markets.
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Margot Jegerings

Naming and Branding Consultant
team member image

Geert Docter

Verbal Brand and Naming Consultant
team member image

Camiel Verberne

Creative Consultant
team member image

Judith Seghers - van 't Kruijs

Project Manager
team member image

Michael Dijkstra Taurel

Founder and Brand Strategist
team member image

Martin van der Starre

Naming creative
team member image

Ian van Veen

Brand Consultant
team member image

Maarten van Petersen

team member image

Willemien Schneider

Trademark Attorney from Novagraaf
team member image

Robert Röling

Senior Research Expert from DirectResearch
team member image

Erik Voskuil

Senior Brand Consultant from VIM Group

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