Our verbal identity and naming services

Words moving mountains

Together, we start with the strategy. Then explore the possibilities. Validate the best ones. And then it's time to cross the river. What makes Globrands different is that we do this specifically for naming and verbal brand identity. With decades of experience.

Globrands' anything-but-standard name development process

With you we strategize, create, validate and decide.

  • Lead time around 6 - 10 weeks, depending on the scope

  • Deeply rooted in your brand strategy

  • Stakeholder engagement by nature

  • Legal and online prescreening are integrated in the process to to avoid unnecessary costly trademark research

  • Strong cooperation with network partners: Global Naming Network, trademark attorneys, design partners and rebranding firms.

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DigiD is an important step towards a secure and uniform way of electronic identification. The name is so straightforward that only a specialist could come up with it.

Thom de GraafMinister for Governmental Reform and Kingdom Relations