Verbal brand validation services

Know your words

We can check for you if your brand is verbally strong and ownable. We analyse wether it's verbally clear and consistent, or if you can use words and names legally in the new markets you are entering. We can also make sure that your audience can pronounce them and if they indeed build your credibility.


Naming audit

Do your name proposals or existing naming fit with your long term brand goals and your portfolio naming strategy? Can you have the required domain names and trademarks? Our naming audit brings the answers.

Trademark screening

Your name is a long term asset if you register it as a trademark. All efforts to build your brand over the years ahead will result in an increase in its value. Even if not registering, it is important to check if you can use a name without infringing on an existing trademark. Globrands knows the pitfalls and has decades of experience in finding ways to avoid them. This makes us a sought-after partner for trademark attorneys.

Linguistic checks

How do you find a name that works without difficulty in multiple languages? By having names tested among native speakers for pronunciation, associations, meaning and similar brands, our linguistic checks let you make the best choice.

Audience and stakeholder research

How do you find the wording and naming that appeals the most? We can conduct audience and stakeholder research during the strategy phase to discover what contributes most to a brand's relevance. We can also test whether a shortlist of names fits the intended positioning. We usually recommend testing brand fit rather than measuring preferences.