Validating name proposals for a disruptor in groceries


Today, Picnic has become a familiar sight on our streets with its handy electric shopping carts, while other delivery services struggled to catch on. The reason for their success? The founders decided to shake things up by creating a whole new way to shop for groceries. They were only wondering which of their name proposals was the best.

Led by Joris Beckers, Frederick Nieuwenhuys, Michiel Muller, and marketing expert Bas Verheijen, Picnic set out to make life simpler for everyone. They saw that while online shopping was booming in many areas, groceries were still lagging behind. So, they started fresh, focusing on what people really wanted: free delivery without the long wait.

Choosing the right name was crucial. From the concept and brand positioning, the name positioning and the communicative criteria for naming were established. From this, values emerged that the name had to convey. In a workshop, all joint ideas were then extensively discussed and a shortlist was determined, which was subsequently tested for practical usability (legal, URL, linguistic, communicative).

Breaking the supermarket naming code

Picnic won despite a few client doubts ('it's not just for picknicking') in the first place because it breaks the naming code of supermarkets. They tend to are named after their founders (Albert Heijn), or convey a message of 'much for little' (Jumbo). Picnic, on the other hand conveys 'outside', 'fun', and 'social': joie de vivre. It is also about food, and has a fresh and melodic sound to it.

Expanding Horizons

Armed with its new identity, Picnic embarked on a journey of rapid expansion. From its humble beginnings in Amersfoort with just a handful of delivery vans, Picnic quickly gained traction, serving hundreds of thousands of customers across the Netherlands and Germany. Its success was a testament to the power of innovation and strategic branding.

Picnic serves as a testament to the importance of name validation in branding. By selecting a name that resonated with consumers and aligned with its strategic objectives, Picnic was able to carve out a niche for itself in the competitive world of grocery shopping. As Picnic continues to grow and evolve, its journey serves as inspiration for brands seeking to make a meaningful impact in the market.