Naming a company

You're really naming your future


You need to name - or rename - your company and don't know how to decide? The answer is: begin with your ambitions.

Show your company's perspective

If you want it or not, in the end the name conveys a company’s perspective for the long term. While the name may stand for today’s products and services, it also carries the company’s character (brand personality) and the reason it exists. This means that the name should also work for future products and services, in future markets, and future countries.

Getting to the right company name

The best business names evoke the right expectations about the vision and qualities of the companies for which they stand. They do this not only in the outside world, but also among their employees. They inspire and form the basis for all further communications.

Own it legally

The trick is to formulate the message that the name should convey in language that can be owned. It is not possible to register a trademark if the name only literally describes what is offered. You cannot use a name that could be mistaken for the name of a company that provides similar products or services. On the following page you can read more about trademark law.

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