Verbal creation services

Your brand, articulated

Globrands' creators are different. We have brand naming in our DNA. So besides emotional connection, we focus on longevity and distinction. Ownablility. We distil the essence and articulate your future.


Company name

The best organisation names carry the vision and qualities of the companies for which they stand. They do this both in the outside world and among their employees. They inspire and form the basis for all further communications.

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Product or service name

It’s not always straightforward to name a proposition. Does it need a distinctive and unique name – or a clear and straightforward one? How does the offer relate to an eventual main brand? What exactlyis the customer paying for? To our name creators, customer engagement and contextual logic are key.

Brand story

We write inspiring brand stories that work two ways. They engage audiences by recognizing their needs and values while uniting and inspire all who work with the brand to connect with their audiences practically as well as emotionally.

Tagline, slogan

Let us tell your brand story packed in a handful of words. Add substance to the brand and reinforce the central message.

Concept development

As a part of a positioning trajectory, we can develop various concept stories to make a connection between a proposition to audience needs. These can be used for validation of the brand strategy and as input for further brand development.