Verbal strategy services

Strategise. Verbalise. Globalise.

Globrands' verbal strategy services prepare a brand for future growth. We provide a framework for new as well as existing naming and wording which is also the basis for further brand development.

Verbal brand identity

Build your brand on a solid verbal brand identity, so all your communications are distinctive, consistent and full of personality. It includes your brand name and the brand story. It’s based on your brand’s positioning and company ambitions, connects emotionally with your audience and is ownable. Often taglines are included as well, and guidelines for brand architecture (including proposition naming) and implementation.

Brand positioning

Everything starts with your brand positioning. It tells what the brand contributes to the world, where it stands today and where it wants to go. It makes clear how the brand stands out. Naming is immediately related to it. It forms the basis for everything the brand does.

Rebranding and renaming

Rebranding involves a repositioning so profound that it leads to changes in how the brand looks and feels, sometimes even including a name change. Reasons for rebranding can include brand expansion (internationalisation, broadening the offering), mergers and acquisitions, connecting with a new audience or reconnecting with existing ones.

Brand architecture

A clear brand architecture improves brand strength and consistency. It's particularly helpful in deciding on naming an visual identity for ranges and offerings within a brand portfolio. It establishes the relationship between the main brand, any hero and/or sub brands, propositions, variants and features.

Naming system and verbal brand guidelines

A consistent naming system is based on your brand architecture. Its logic helps your audience recognise your brand and differentiate your offerings. This results in clarity and distinction, thus improving brand strength.

As a part of the brand book, verbal brand guidelines improve brand clarity and consistency by including directions for consistent use of naming as well as brand promise, tagline and tone-of-voice guidelines for branded copy. The naming guidelines provide clarity about the implementation of brand names and descriptors of offerings and often instructions on the type of naming required for new offerings.