A clever name for clever filling stations


What do you call a new brand of unmanned petrol stations that allows users to fill up smartly and conveniently?

Shell was going to launch unmanned filling stations in the Dutch market under a new brand. Fuel would be offered here for considerably less than the recommended retail price. Another advantage was that there would no longer be queues in front of the cash register, as payment would be made directly at the pump.

A name for a stand-alone brand

The assignment was to develop a name for these unmanned petrol stations as a stand-alone brand separate from Shell. It was to convey brandvalues like inexpensive, fast and simple. In addition, it should exude a combination of dynamism, warmth and strength.

Market leader

TinQ is a simple, fresh and cheerful name, with links to refuelling and thinking.

TinQ has now been acquired by Gulf Oil and is now part of the Enviem group. With more than 325 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and and Germany, TinQ has become an international brand and the market leader in the Netherlands.