Moonback: name for honest booking website

Project: Create a name for a new holiday booking platform
Client: Beterboeken

Booking a holiday

The search starts for that one nice place where you can spend your holiday. That fun, small hotel in the city, or that converted farm in the countryside to find some peace and quiet.

There is a lot to offer online, and big platforms exist that can help create an overview where supply and demand come together. Win-win.. as it should be. But the market, which is dominated by these big platforms, was destroyed. The balance between supply and demand was lost, and the big platforms controlled consumers and small businesses.

Niels Meijssen was of the opinion that there had to be a more honest way. After one of his posts on LinkedIn went viral, he decided to set a new standard and therefore he created the platform Beterboeken. An online marketplace for booking a holiday or trip where the balance was restored. On this platform hotel owners and guests can find each other and booking happens under honest conditions. Win-win.

The promise

Niels and his team believe in the strength and convenience that a well-functioning booking platform can offer with the benefits of booking directly with the provider. The new platform functions as a connection between the hotel and the guest. A friendly partner for all involved; that should be the new standard. This is the way it is supposed be. A place where friendliness, feeling good and holiday fun come together.

The name
That is where the name Beterboeken originates from. A name that had a clear message, but turned out to be insufficient. Unusable internationally and missing that oh so important, connecting, human factor.

That’s where Globrands came in. Strategy: finding a name that communicates “this feels good’’, this is going to help me make the right decision. A name that offers space for the story to be told. We searched for a name that would cause turmoil and change in the market, but in a good, thoughtful and open way.

And then there was Moonback
A name with a warm and loving sound, that’s still mysterious and different. A new wording to create meaning. The message: for you we go to the moon and back. A name that shows support for the booker and well as the provider, that says ‘we got your back’. A name that is about adventure, entrepreneurship and connecting with each other.

We are proud. We created a name that is as beautiful and pure as the brand itself. Moonback touches the heart of their mission and we are certain that we are going to be hearing a lot more about them in the future.

“I have been involved several times in the naming process of a new start-up or app. This was however the first time that we got professional support from Globrands. What a relief! Previously we would only have a couple names from which we would chose the final one randomly. Now we went through a thorough process that took a couple of weeks: strategy, longlist, shortlist, decision, and finally trademark registration. I am certain that we would not have found such a strong brand name without Globrands. Love you to the moon and back!’’ – Niels Meijssen, CEO and founder of  Moonback.