Menzis: name for insurance company

Eventually, social welfare is about the individual. Therefore, the name Menzis, along with design, is the overarching factor for the various operating companies.

Globrands also changed the names of these companies: Arbo Noord is now called Ardyn and Geové RZG is now called just Geové.

Later, Globrands developed the name Confior for a new business-to-business intermediary company that was a part of Menzis.

The Amicon Group was the result of a merger between Amicon Zorgverzekeraar, the Occupational Health and Rehabilitation Company Arbo Noord/Prové and Geové RZG Zorgverzekeraar.

However, the name Amicon did not meet the requirements anymore, for two reasons. First, the company wanted to reposition itself in the role of a central, dynamic welfare leader in a wide area, instead of continuing to exist as a more or less coherent group of general insurance companies. In this new role, the company would act on behalf of its subsidiaries as a coordinating partner for stakeholders in health care and politics.

The second reason for the name change was that there was often confusion, because the name “Amicon” was both in the umbrella brand and in one of the operating companies.

Amicon asked for a clear, distinctive name, which would make clear that this organisation stood for improving social welfare.

Willem van den Brink, director Menzis Marketing:

“Menzis has a clear brand and name structure, a corporate name and dedicated brands. This is the solid foundation on which Menzis has established their brand and continues to develop. The name Menzis is highly people-oriented, has a positive medical connotation, a symbolic feeling and an immediately identifiable meaning. It is distinctive and concise.”