Essange: name for developer and producer of reagents

Challenge: new name for Sanquin Reagents Division  
Client: Sanquin Reagents B.V.

Blood is essential to life. For some it is sacred, for others a sign of friendship, passion or love. One thing is certain, it keeps us all alive. Sanquin is one of the few organizations in the world that combines medical, diagnostic and scientific activities in the field of blood under one roof.  This allows them to offer 300,000 patients a better life every year.

Sanquin Reagents acquisition

The Sanquin Reagents branch contributes to patients’ lives by developing and producing blood group and immune reagents. These are materials needed for diagnostic research and drug development, among other things. Gilde HealthCare acquired Sanquin Reagents in 2022 and the team is now ready for the next step. Thus, they want to further develop as an international manufacturer and build a leading position in reagent development with the higher goal of helping patients.

Passion and pride

Because of the separation from Sanquin, the challenge for Globrands became creating an international stand-alone name, but with a link to Sanquin. The central role of the patient means that emotion plays an important role, but the core values: passion, authority, entrepreneurial and reliability must also shine through in this new name.

Essange: it’s vital

Together with the client and Total Design, Essange came to life. A name that makes it clear that we humans cannot live without blood, it is essential. With this, the name radiates authority. At the same time, the soft sound reflects the friendly, reliable and human character of the organization. It shows the passion and pride of the people doing this necessary and impactful work.

Essange is a name that stands on its own, but by using “sang” the origins of Sanquin have not been lost. The breadth of the name offers room to develop within the field of blood. This world is always changing, but with this future-proof name, Essange is ready to chart its course and further contribute to patient care.