Corbion: rebranding and name for company

Develop a new strategy for the brand architecturename positioning and a new name for CSM. The name should fit perfectly with the new company and meet all international trademark law and linguistic requirements. The .com extension must be available.

The letters CSM stood for Centrale Suiker Maatschappij (Central Sugar Company), but that meaning is no longer true. The company has evolved over the years to focus on a much broader product range: first on food and confectionery, but later particularly bakery products and food ingredients, of which CSM has become the largest supplier in Europe and North America.

In 2012 CSM have sold their bakery operations, and now the company is moving to focus entirely on their bio-ingredients divisions Purac and Caravan Ingredients. This requires a thorough re-branding and positioning process.

The new company is positioning itself as an international player in the field of biotechnology, which builds on the knowledge of its specialized parts Purac and Caravan Ingredients. Similar players in this market are BASF, DSM, Novozymes and Danisco.

the name
Corbion sounds big and general, but also shows their focus on biotechnology. On the market for biotechnology, this name stands out in all western languages ​​through the clear, restrained and natural sound.

graphic identity
The graphic identity was developed by VBAT.

Gerard Hoetmer, CEO of Corbion:

“Our new name and logo signify the next phase in the development of our company. We will leverage our proprietary technologies and intimate understanding of customers and consumers to further develop our market positions in biobased products. In short, we create value for our customers through our biobased products, designed by science, powered by nature and delivered through our dedication. This will in turn create value for our shareholders.”