Our clients include ABN AMRO Group, Achmea, Royal Ahold, Aegon, DE, DSM, Friesland-Campina, Groupe Danone, Heineken International, KLM, Royal KPN, Wolters Kluwer, Omega Pharma, Royal Philips, Shell, TEVA, Total and Lukoil.

Essange: name for developer and producer of reagents

Tuum: name for a modular banking platform

Moonback: name for honest booking website

For the Helpers: name for online platform aimed at a victims’ environment

Levvel: new, shared name for merger youth and family specialists

Byondis; make hope real; creating precision medicines: brand positioning, name, brand promise and descriptor for pharmaceutical company

Bettery institute: game changers in health: name and tagline for healthcare organisation

Yuniku: worldwide brand name for glasses that are tailor made in 3D

De Ruimte: concept development and name for community store

SOFEA: verbal branding strategy leading to tagline and rating system

Geldmaat: product name for ATM’s from ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank

Flippo: name for wildly successful trading card

Avinty: brand positioning, BrandStory, name and tagline

Wepublic: new name for reputation, communication & public affairs

Amsterdam UMC: identity and name for combination of two academic hospitals

Oaklins: positioning and name for worldwide M&A specialists network

Aliancys: international company name for manufacturer of composite resins

Matchis: international name for Dutch Center for Stem Cell Donors

Fibrant: worldwide brand name for manufacturer of fiber intermediates

Migo®: worldwide brand name for pear with USPs

Vivio: name for Indian product brand

Solvinity: name for high-end IT services company

Nordian: name for investment company

Actiam: company name for asset management

WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen: international name and tagline for product brand and company

Fontys: brand name for university of applied sciences

DiamondSpark: worldwide product name for Philips

Ymea: name of pharmaceutical brand

InnovationQuarter: international company name

贴心呵护温馨旅程: Chinese tagline for SkyTeam (GNN project)

Philips GoGear: international name for product range

Beyone: name for product range by DSM

Currence: international company name

Corbion: rebranding and name for company

InStyle: international name for product range

Panna, Bicra, Extru: name extensions for product range

Hi-Vision LongLife: brand architecture + international name

Coforta: international company name

Civios: international company name

Nspyre: name for company

Privilease: name for product by Mercedes-Benz

Menzis: name for insurance company

Vitens: name for company

Party Pinks, Redheads, Moo Mix: productname range

Stedin: name for company

Joulz: name for company

DigiD: name for government product

Jiba: name for company / product brand

Travix: international name for company

Euriant: international company name

Greenious: name for quality brand

Yarvik: name for product brand

Ovalert: name for product

Intreza: name for online store

Aladoo: international name for website

Fyra: international name for product brand

ProCoustics: name for product brand by JBL

Questify: name for product

Ideas that make scents: company slogan

Yasmolys: worldwide name for product

Lingen’s Blond: international product name for Heineken

Milner: international name for product brand

Mondygo: international company name

Zoover: international name for website

Trancerta Drug Delivery: name for a medical product range of DSM

Respitose: international name for product

Zeeland Refinery: name for joint venture Total & Lukoil

Prevalin: international name for product brand

Valess: international name for product

Equens: international name for company

Landal GreenParks: international name and tagline for product brand and company

Essent: brand name for energy company

Thalys: name for company / product brand

Senseo: international name for product brand

Actimel: international name for product brand