Featured projects

Unite 47 consultancies under one banner

How do you make 47 independent companies around the world agree on a common brand name that conveys the right message through countless international linguistic and legal restrictions?

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Create international name for coffee experience

How do you convince the inventors of this great product that the creamy layer on the coffee itself should not be referred to in the name, if they want a strong worldwide brand?

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Let a cutting edge fintech shine with a distinctive name

The challenge: shift Modularbank from a descriptive category to a distinctive brand, reflecting their heartbeat: 'technology at the heart of your business.'

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Light up the mood with engaging naming

How naming can completely flip the vibe for customer interaction.

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Our clients include ABN AMRO Group, Achmea, Royal Ahold, Aegon, DE, DSM, Friesland-Campina, Groupe Danone, Heineken International, KLM, Royal KPN, Wolters Kluwer, Omega Pharma, Royal Philips, Shell, TEVA, Total and Lukoil.

Some recent projects

Bringing Dutch Delight on Albert Heijn’s Shelves

New name for an employee platform that lets everyone benefit

How one brand name lets 23 institutions expand internationally

From Sapje to Justy: a name for simple purity for all of Europe

Goodays: ushering in positive customer engagement

Essange: name for developer and producer of reagents

Tuum: name for a modular banking platform

Moonback: name for honest booking website

For the Helpers: name for online platform aimed at a victims’ environment

Levvel: new, shared name for merger youth and family specialists

Byondis: complete verbal identity for creators of precision medicines

Bettery institute: game changers in health: name and tagline for healthcare organisation

Yuniku: worldwide brand name for glasses that are tailor made in 3D

De Ruimte: concept development and name for community store

SOFEA: verbal branding strategy leading to tagline and rating system

Geldmaat: new language to build a trusted national ATM brand

Flippo: name for wildly successful trading card

Avinty: brand positioning, BrandStory, name and tagline

Wepublic: new name for reputation, communication & public affairs

Amsterdam UMC: identity and name for combination of two academic hospitals

Oaklins: positioning and name for worldwide M&A specialists brand

Aliancys: international company name for manufacturer of composite resins

Matchis: international name for Dutch Center for Stem Cell Donors

Fibrant: worldwide brand name for manufacturer of fiber intermediates

Migo®: worldwide brand name for pear with USPs

Vivio: name for Indian product brand

Solvinity: name for high-end IT services company

Nordian: name for investment company

Actiam: company name for asset management

WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen: international name and tagline for product brand and company

Fontys: brand name for university of applied sciences

DiamondSpark: worldwide product name for Philips

Ymea: name of pharmaceutical brand

InnovationQuarter: international company name

贴心呵护温馨旅程: Chinese tagline for SkyTeam (GNN project)

Philips GoGear: international name for product range

Beyone: name for product range by DSM

Currence: international company name

Corbion: rebranding and name for company

InStyle: international name for product range

Panna, Bicra, Extru: name extensions for product range

Hi-Vision LongLife: brand architecture + international name

Coforta: international company name

Civios: international company name

Nspyre: name for company

Privilease: name for product by Mercedes-Benz

Menzis: name for insurance company

Vitens: name for company

Party Pinks, Redheads, Moo Mix: productname range

Stedin: name for company

Joulz: name for company

DigiD: name for government product

Jiba: name for company / product brand

Travix: international name for company

Euriant: international company name

Greenious: name for quality brand

Yarvik: name for product brand

Ovalert: name for product

Intreza: name for online store

Aladoo: international name for website

Fyra: international name for product brand

ProCoustics: name for product brand by JBL

Questify: name for product

Ideas that make scents: company slogan

Yasmolys: worldwide name for product

Lingen’s Blond: international product name for Heineken

Milner: international name for product brand

Mondygo: international company name

Zoover: international name for website

Trancerta Drug Delivery: name for a medical product range of DSM

Respitose: international name for product

Zeeland Refinery: name for joint venture Total & Lukoil

Prevalin: international name for product brand

Valess: international name for product

Equens: international name for company

Landal GreenParks: international name and tagline for product brand and company

Essent: brand name for energy company

Thalys: name for company / product brand

Senseo: international name for product brand

Actimel: pioneering a new category and way of life with an ownable wordmark