Trademark research

Name development cannot be seen separately from trademark and trade name rights. Brands are among the most important assets of a company; in a communicative and economic sense, but also as intellectual property.

Focus on possibilities

Trademark law research naturally focuses on potential objections, but the trick is to focus on what is possible. That is the added value that Globrands offers.

What trademark research is about

Prevention of confusion

The main question is whether there may be confusion between your brand and other existing brands that are registered in the same classes of goods in the trade register. In that case, the existing brand can legitimately object the new registration. The fact that Ajax is a football club as well as a cleaning product has to do with the two companies being registered in a different classes.

Prevent that language gets claimed

In addition, a brand name cannot generically describe the offered products or services. Others may need that language as well. That means that Apple can use the word ‘apple’ as a brand name, because the word does not describe the product.


Our way of working

Identical brand names

Before each name presentation, the trademark office makes an initial screening of all name proposals on relevant identical brand names in selected countries.

Similar brand names

After selection of a shortlist, the remaining alternatives are examined as extensively as necessary for similar brand names and trademark registrations in all relevant records. After the selection of the final name, it is registered in the relevant trade mark registers.


Globrands mostly works with Novagraaf. If clients prefer to work with other trademark attorneys this is also possible.

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