Our BrandStory tells why a brand is there, what it does and how it does it. It addresses every audience for which the brand may be relevant.

Why create a BrandStory?

The success of a brand can heavily depend on a BrandStory. Think about it: without a story, a brand remains somewhat abstract, an empty shell. A BrandStory gives substance, meaning and forms the core.

Energy and direction?

A BrandStory gives energy and direction to the brand. Not only when it comes to design and communication, but also when making policy decisions.


A powerful BrandStory:

  • Describes the positioning of the brand based on previously established statements
  • Puts relevant brand elements (core values, promise, essence etc. in context
  • provides direction for design, communication, campaigns and proposition development
  • supports internal and external launch of the new brand name

A BrandStory created by Globrands:

  • Inspires
    It is one thing to say “inspire”; actually inspiring is something else. A good brand story evokes sympathy for the motives of a brand, brings emotional solidarity and encourages action.


  • Is about friction that needs toe be resolved
    Without friction, there is no story. The friction creates a desire, an emotional tension. In our BrandStory it is expressed in a non-technical, tangible way. This is how a BrandStory should express common marketing terms “vision”, “brand insight” and “why”.


  • Closely matches the brand's positioning 
    The stronger a brand, the more consistent it is. We demonstrate the Brand’s core values ​​by expressing them in a recognizable and tangible way, and in a tone that fits the brand personality. We articulate unique selling points (or brand benefits) as the activities with which the brand can solve the contradiction in the market.

Examples of work

Amsterdam UMC
identiteti en naam voor een combinatie van AMC en VUmc

Amsterdam Medisch Centrum
Vu medisch centrum

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naamsysteem en naming manual voor merkportfolio

Sectorinstituut Transport en Logistiek

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&Meer; haal meer uit je bankzaken

naam, categorienamen en slogan voor klantprogramma

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