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Finding an international name, that fits your positioning and objectives, and meets all the criteria, requires close cooperation. It starts with a name that has what it takes to grow into a brand. That name should be linguistically, communicative, and competitively suitable. Proper registration and trademark protection is just as important, in order to prevent possible conflicts.


From a strategic perspective we look for the best solutions that can help you reach your goals. Guiding and patient when desired, decisive and determined when necessary.

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With thousands of successful brand names around the world, we have experience in all markets. Always looking for creative angles and the best naming solutions.

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From market exploration and trend analysis to qualitative and trademark research. We always offer tailor-made advice and assistance, with broad support.

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Clientcase: Tuum
What do you do when your name is no longer considered a brand name, but is used as an indicative term by comptetitors because of your success? Create a distinction again with a new identity and brand essence, design and new name. View the full case