Brand naming for the future

How a business name attracts investors


Coming up with a name for your business - it seems as daunting as coming up with a name for a child. Fortunately, you have a strategy for your business to start with. A big difference, because for a business it happens to be key to name your ambitions. Especially when it comes to investors.

Imagine using your company name to show product benefits. Nice and clear: in your own language. VliegTickets, for example, Dutch for ‘flying tickets’. Then, investors come along. These are so confident in your proposition that they envisage global expansion and customer loyalty. But your brand still walks and talks locally and interacts with its audience purely on the basis of product. What does that really say about your ambitions? Wouldn’t you wish you had given it an actual brand name, like Eliza Was Here?

The name shows how you think

Your name is a gateway to investor confidence. Through that name, you show how you think. It’s not just about your proposition, but about your businesses’ future. Naming is about building trust and laying a foundation for growth.

Names that hold promise attract. They resonate on an emotional level and create a sense of trust and commitment. Example: Partou. Once developed for a childcare centre. It has survived many mergers because it is more forward-looking, mature and appealing to investors than names like Tiny Tots, Thumbelina or Combiwell.

In a competitive landscape, the strategic choice of a name is a game-changer. It is a cost-effective strategy with profound implications: improve liquidity, enhance valuation and differentiate your brand amidst the noise. Elevate your brand. Choose a name that speaks volumes.