Tuum: name for a modular banking platform

Naming from the core: Tuum

Project: create a name for a modular ‘banking’ platform
Client: Modularbank

Pioneers in the world of financial technology. A new financial era had arrived on the platform formerly known as Modularbank. They addressed the need for flexible fintech solutions for the first time. But what would you do when the market develops and your name is no longer a brand name, but a commonly used generic term?

It’s time to create distinction again with a new identity, brand essence, design and brand name. The goal? To shift from a descriptive category to a distinctive brand.

This was the question that Verve approached us with. They asked us to think about a brand name that would stand out in a positive way. Through a strategic process, a brand was discovered that acts from the core of the customer. Modularbank turned out to position itself in the heart of the organizations it works for, in order to make them stronger from the inside out for the outside world. 'Technology at the heart of your business' was developed.

It was up to us to create a captivating brand name that would do justice to this brand essence. A brand name that is suitable for a fintech company, preferably with a link to the organization’s Estonian roots.


Together with the client and Verve, we brought Tuum to life. A real Estonian name, that means ‘core’. That’s how the brand essence ‘Technology at the heart of your business’ was literally translated to a brand name. Short, powerful and clever.

Rivo Uibo, Chief Business Officer Tuum:

“It was initially an impossible mission but the outcome is sophisticated, brave, and elegant, exactly describing the essence of Tuum’’