From Sapje to Justy: a name for simple purity for all of Europe

They say change is the only constant, and for Sapje, this change isn’t just about a new label on the bottle. It’s about embracing a world where borders don’t define a brand’s reach.

A fresh start for Sapje

Meaning ‘little juice’ in Dutch, Sapje was the perfect name for a local favorite. But as the world got smaller and Sapje’s ambitions got bigger, it was time for something fresher. 

Enter Justy: a name that’s all about keeping things pure, friendly, and oh-so-welcoming, no matter where you are.

Unbottling Sapje’s essence

When we thought about finding a global name for Sapje, we started with a simple question: What does Sapje really mean as a brand’s name? Because even though it might sound unassuming, a name can always hold deeper significance.

At its core, Sapje is a promise that its products are exactly what it says they are: nothing more, nothing less. No additives, no preservatives – just pure goodness. That’s what defines its brand, creating genuine experiences for its customers.

Justy: more than just a name

Looking at it this way, Justy is actually a translation of Sapje: a name that carries that same honest simplicity. 

But here’s the twist: being simple doesn’t mean standing still. With Justy, there’s room to grow. Think smoothies, nutrition bars, and who knows what’s next? Justy opens up new horizons, allowing the company to become a symbol of positive change and to inspire mindful and healthy choices in our daily lives.

From Dutch roots to global route

Now, don’t worry; the Netherlands won’t be saying goodbye to Sapje. It’s staying put, continuing to spread joy with every sip. Justy, on the other hand, is ready to make friends and fans in France, Germany, and all of Europe. 

It’s all about keeping the roots strong while letting the branches spread far and wide. Here’s to Justy, ready to win hearts and taste buds across the globe.