Levvel: new, shared name for merger youth and family specialists

Project: Create a distinctive brand identity that communicates the primary (strategic) goal of the merger

Name: Spirit youth care X Bascule children and youth psychiatry
Positioning, brandstory, naming: Globrands
Alignment: Weyond
Visual identity: Boo! Brandbuilders


A merger between two healthcare organizations poses many challenges; both on the inside and the outside. That is why it is important to find the common denominator that motivates and connects. Based on that, you can get started together.

Professionals of Spirit youth care and Bascule children and youth psychiatry come together in the deep-rooted drive to help children and young people when things go wrong. That drive was the basis for the merged brand.

Together with a multidisciplinary project team we defined a brand positioning. Psychologists, social workers, communication professionals, and management were represented in this team. We determined the important elements of the brand in interactive workshops. The name and brand story have been developed on this basis.

Levvel = standing next to the child

Growing up involves trial and error. That applies to everyone. But sometimes the error part can be difficult. To help restore the confidence and strength of a child or young person, it is important to be on the same level. Finding common ground can help enormously when trying to help. One of the members of the project group described it very aptly: 'the child does most of the work!' This is why the new name works so well, both as a name and in communication as can be seen in this video of the launch.

From brand positioning to BrandStory

A brand positioning forms the basis of your brand, but it is not always wise to put it word for word on your website. A BrandStory is more suitable for that. The BrandStory tells what the brand stands for in an inspiring way. It explains to the target group why this organization exists. The brand story we have written can be read on the Levvel website.

Alignment & Design

In order to ensure that Levvel's brand promise is fulfilled in daily practice, Peter Sieben and Jenna Kleingeld from Weyond guided the merger in terms of alignment. Several workshops were organized to fulfill the brand promise. Practical implementation is essential for brand positioning to be more than fancy words. Boo! Brand builders have developed the new visual identity based on the positioning.

Ties de Jong – Marketing- en Communication consultant for Levvel:

Globrands managed to keep the group's attention on the right topics at the right times. The Globrands consultants took the lead in a pleasant way. We thought it was productive and great that they shared their experience in the workshops with us. Globrands gave a good indication of what to expect. Keep up the good work!"