Four essential insights on using keywords in your brand name

When starting a new brand, a big question pops up: should you go for a distinctive name or dive into the world of online visibility by integrating relevant keywords? 

Especially when navigating the waters of a tight budget, choosing a brand (and domain) name infused with keywords may seem like a logical step. However, the success of your brand lies not only in attracting visitors through search engines but also in leaving a lasting impact.

Here’s what you should know:

  1. Know your brand’s building blocks:

A decade ago, a brand could carve its identity through products, services, name, design, taglines, and advertising. Fast forward to the digital age, where websites, social media, and search engine rankings are the new superheroes.

Yet, it’s not just about matching what users are searching for; it’s about shining brightly in the crowd. Striking that balance involves embracing the diverse elements of your brand. Some elements play well with keywords, while others are perfect for showcasing the unique essence of your brand.

  1. Analyze market phase:

Understand the maturity of your market. For emerging markets, functional benefits in the brand name make sense. In saturated markets, differentiation through how you do things is key. 

As the market matures, brands distinguish themselves on a subjective level, often relying on emotionally charged language.

  1. Inner Workings of a Name:

Descriptive or abstract? In a new market, a brand might use a more descriptive name, showcasing functional benefits. However, such names are challenging to claim and protect. 

While relevant search terms in a name may have worked in the past, search engines like Google increasingly prioritize user-centric algorithms. This shift makes keyword-rich domains less effective.

  1. Sitemap & content strategy:

Rather than stuffing keywords into your brand name, shift your focus to taglines or, even better, the content on your website.

A keyword analysis acts as your guide, helping you figure out the search terms that matter, assess commercial relevance, and spot online competitors.

It shapes your website’s structure and content strategy, showing you the best way to seamlessly include these keywords for maximum impact.


Crafting a brand name goes beyond SEO optimization. A great name stands out, and a smart content strategy boosts your visibility on search engines. 

Finding the right mix between being unique and getting your message across in everyday language is crucial. Start with a keyword analysis early in the brand creation process to get the scoop on your brand’s language and online presence.

Remember, it’s not just about keywords; it’s about crafting a name that resonates with your audience.

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