Meet Geert Docter

We are delighted to welcome Geert back as Verbal Brand Strategist at Globrands. Geert is familiar with our business process, culture and values and brightens our day with fresh insights and energy. We asked Geert some questions and would like to share his answers with you.

Can you tell us a bit about your background, hobbies and favourite pastimes?

I joined Globrands more than 20 years ago as a creative while also working as a musician in a band. Gradually, the focus shifted to Globrands and I started doing more and more consulting work. In 2021, I started at Philips as an internal naming consultant where I helped implement a naming policy that was part of what you call a “master brand strategy”.

You are no stranger to Globrands. What appeals to you about Globrands that keeps you coming back after several years?

The team, the creativity, the variety and the speed.

What do you see as your goal in your new role with us?

To help consolidate and build on the incredible agency that Mike has built.

What are you good at and what do we really need to get out of you?

As what I think is a typical Globrander, I am creative, a language geek and curious about what drives people. What I can add to that now is that at Philips, I learnt a lot about the governance of naming in a large multinational company.

Where do you get inspiration for creating names?

The drives and character of the brand, and the interaction with the user. You always ask yourself: if you are a certain kind of brand, what do you call what you have to offer? Every answer then raises the question of whether this really works as intended, and usually you can think of all kinds of reasons why an idea is probably not so good after all. And these in turn help you to find new solutions.

Favourite quote, motto or saying:

“A skipper who has time always has good wind.” – from my father.

A good brand name…

Is capable of carrying a whole story.

Which previous projects/names are you most proud of? And why?

I experience our added value most strongly when a client is stuck in a naming issue and we can help them move forward again. That may be because of a trademark registration issue or underlying questions in mergers. Sometimes there is a political issue. Sometimes the client is trying to name something other than what they should actually be naming. That is why, for example, I am proud of the Senseo project: Philips and DE asked for a name for the coffee you could make with their new machine, while they needed a completely new sender brand.

Can you give an example of a brand/company name that appeals to you and what appeals to you about that name and the story or organisation behind it?

The Vegetarische Slager (“The Vegetarian Butcher”). They have an activist ethos, so they use naming to spark action and discussion. Their product names have led to Parliamentary questions.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Just do it. You’ll do what you want anyway.

What book or film would you recommend?

Movie: “Summer of Soul” and series: “The Wire.” Both about inspiration, empowerment and resilience.

Ultimate life hack?

Schedule free time. Generously.