About us

We are an international naming agency that looks for the answer to the question behind the question.

With a suitable positioning, we create distinctive language for things that need to named, such as companies, organisations, products and services. New wordings for new solutions, so they can become reality. Brand names, taglines and BrandStories. We bring structure to brand portfolios. Not only do we provide our clients with spot-on naming, but also with inspiration and a better understanding of the future of their brand.​

From a strategic perspective we look for the best solutions that can help reach your goals. Guiding and patient when desired, decisive and determined when necessary.

Our team

Michael Dijkstra Taurel
CEO and Brand strategist

Margot Jegerings
Naming and branding consulant

Lonneke van de Crommenacker
Naming and branding consultant

Camiel Verberne
Creative consulant

Judith Seghers - van ‘t Kruijs

Ian van Veen
Project-focused consultant

Milou Daniëls
Project-focused consultant

Martin van der Starre
Project-focused creative

Robert Röling
Senior research expert
from DirectResearch

Pietia Gos
Brand consultant
from Novagraaf

Erik Voskuijl
Senior brand consultant
from VIM Group

Maarten van Petersen
Project-focused copywriter

Our partners

Why Globrands?

Globrands does more than just name creation, we establish the foundation for brands. Therefore we always start with strategy, in the way you envisioned it. We immerse ourselves completely in the world of our client for every project and put that world into words to find one suitable name and language for the brand. Because of our worldwide network, this is possible in every culture and language. Our names do exactly what they’re supposed to do and therefore give your brand a head start.



Personal and involved

Global Naming Network


Boost for your brand

Worldwide name creation

Global Naming Network is the world’s leading network of independent naming consultants, with offices from Seoel and Geneva to New York and ShangHai. Together with our GNN partners, we have access to creative, cultural expertise and local market knowledge around the world. A unique network of agencies specialized in branding and naming that work together for a variety of clients in international teams in which consultants and creatives are deployed on a project basis.

Milaan (IT): Linda Liguori

Parijs (FR): Naemes

Barcelona (ES): Nombra
Madrid (ES): Nombra

Geneve (CH): Ad Marka

San Francisco Bay (US): Catchword
New York City (US): Catchword

Seoul (KR): Brandingcom

Shanghai (CN): Labbrand Consulting