Globrands’ brand essence

The brand essence of Globrands is “expressing perspective”. At the end of the day, that is what we do.

Our customers always have an idea about the future of their new brand, even if it does not exist yet. By giving words to such ideas, we turn them into concrete goals.

That is the essence of our work. By creating names, taglines, and BrandStories, we give distinctive wording to previously unnameable things. We create new language for solutions to market needs, so that they can become realities.

Throughout the development process, we constantly keep in view what the new brand as a whole could and should become. The concept itself becomes stronger as a result of consultation, research, and examples.

Ultimately, we not only provide our customers with spot-on wording and naming, but also inspiration and a better understanding of the brand’s future.

We let language open ways that were previously closed.