How Globrands and Yellow Dress Retail let your brand stand out

Who we are

As a brand naming specialist, Globrands Naming & Strategy creates brand names that articulate the brand’s identity in a way that is effective, appealing, future ready, and unique.

Yellow Dress Retail creates brand strategy, brand packaging design and brand communication for large retail organizations in local and worldwide markets.

Lightweight synergy

Since 2013, both companies together built valuable experience in the Indian market. The synergy between our expertises allows us to remain lightweight, while providing the full package. Our work results in brands that are unique, different and inspiring.

the value of brand equity

What makes a brand valuable? That it has true meaning because everyone recognises it, and relates to the message it communicates. Strong brands focus on the central message and make it visible by exceptional naming and design. The more emotive the message, the more it activates the audience.

Why India

We are growing our presence in India because we love the country, its life, its culture and of course its economic significance, while we believe we have something interesting to offer.

Please take note of our activities in the spring of 2016.

Business cases

Vivio logo

Vivio, a new brand for home appliances, personal heathcare and other every day life products. We developed both the name and the visual identity.


The Monstables, a subbrand geared towards kids for conveying quality and fun via stories and images where several little monsters are the heroes.