Domain name availability

There are many places where you can see if a domain name is still available. However, most of them are checked by third parties that keep track of your domain name queries and quickly register them as soon as you show more than normal interest in one.

A safe place to check domain name availability is

All names Globrands presents to clients are pre-checked for all relevant domain extensions, preventing unnecessary disappointments.

search words in a domain name

Clients quite often ask for a brand or domain name that contains their most important keywords, so that they will be found easily.

There are drawbacks to this strategy: keywords don not tend to make for great, distinguishing and easy to remember brand names. Also, brand names that consist of descriptive terms tend to be harder to claim and defend as trademarks.

Moreover, search engines take a lot more into account besides the domain name, so in order to be found by search engines, good brand naming provides more ways to be found online, which quite often are better than just using keywords in the brand.

This is not to say that one should always avoid focusing on having keywords in a brand name. Please contact us for more information.