Audiences and stakeholders

If time and budget are available, research is an important part of the selection process. After all, it is about the perception and appreciation of people who will use the brand or work for it.

exploratory or evaluative

Exploratory research serves to determine direction. Which elements of a brand are considered important; what do participants expect to be a new brand’s promises and objectives?

Evaluative research serves to determine whether the perception of a brand matches the objectives.

qualitative or quantitative

Qualitative research consists of individual or group discussions that provide insight into the underlying arguments and motivations of a target group about brands and brand experience. The result is therefore based on conversations about the behaviour, motivations, opinions, wishes and needs of target groups or stakeholders.

Quantitative research is simpler and cheaper, but in principle, it has the same goal. It is relatively short and quick to set up, goes less deep and is usually online. The results are mainly based on multiple-choice questions or short open questions, which lead to numerical results and percentages.

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