A slogan is a BrandStory, packed in a handful of words. Linked to the brand name, a slogan gives extra depth to the brand's positioning. A slogan adds substance to the brand and reinforces the central message.

Identity or action?

A brand’s slogan can serve several purposes. Before you start creating a slogan it’s important to consider what you want to convey or achieve. This will decide the perspective from which you’ll work.

Some slogans encourage action, such as “Rip. Mix. Burn.”, when Apple introduced iTunes. You see such slogans mainly in campaigns. The other type of slogans tells more about the brand and its character, such as “Ideas that make scents” by PFW Aroma Chemicals. This type of slogan is closer to the brand identity and is used for a longer period of time. Globrands is the right agency for the latter.

It is also possible to include a brand name in the slogan. This will prevent people from recognizing the slogan, but not the brand name behind it.


A lot is possible with slogans. Therefore, it is important to create focus before creating and selecting slogans, by formulating the brand’s identity and positioning.

Showing yourself

Creating a strong slogan is the perfect way to show the outside world in just a few words what you stand for as a brand or company. To ensure that as many people as possible will see your slogan, you can add it to websites, emails, business cards, advertisements and other business-related products. When creating a slogan it is therefore important to take the length and style of the expression into account as well.

Creating a strong slogan

When creating a slogan it is possible to go into different directions. However, there are a couple requirements that a powerful slogan will always have to meet. A strong slogan:

  • is made up of just a few words
  • represents the brand name in a substantive and creative way
  • matches the current positioning and brand identity
  • is created from a perspective that’s chosen beforehand

Examples of work

Amsterdam UMC
identiteti en naam voor een combinatie van AMC en VUmc

Amsterdam Medisch Centrum
Vu medisch centrum

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naamsysteem en naming manual voor merkportfolio

Sectorinstituut Transport en Logistiek

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&Meer; haal meer uit je bankzaken

naam, categorienamen en slogan voor klantprogramma

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