Label, descriptor or category

A brand name or slogan may be strong and compelling, but at times our clients are only asking for a suitable indication for a category. For example, as a tagline to explain a brand with an imaginative name that is not immediately telling what product or service stands for.

That is usually possible with existing language, but sometimes new words are needed. The most important about this is to communicate the essence sharply and effectively with a minimum of syllables.

New concept

Such an denotation can serve to name a new concept in a way that is immediately clear. These are examples developed by Globrands:

  • BuitenDeDeur insurance (Interpolis), meaning ‘OutTheDoor insurance’
  • food café (Amstel)
  • coffee pad (Philips / DE)
  • deelblokjes (Igloo), providing the Dutch language with a word for ‘dices’ of frozen food
  • wisselgesprek (KPN), a new Dutch word for ‘call waiting’; literally: ‘switch call’
  • keepkantjes (Westland Kaasspecialiteiten), literally ‘notch rinds’ making it easier to remove them – here the trick was to make it sound tasty and familiar

Explanatory addition

Such new wordings can also be used as an explanatory addition, or “descriptor”, such as the “GreenParks” part of Landal GreenParks.


Often, signature syllables serve to provide clarity in a broader product range, for example when it comes to tariff structures (BelBasis, BelPlus, BelExtra from KPN).

Examples of work

Amsterdam UMC
identiteti en naam voor een combinatie van AMC en VUmc

Amsterdam Medisch Centrum
Vu medisch centrum

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naamsysteem en naming manual voor merkportfolio

Sectorinstituut Transport en Logistiek

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&Meer; haal meer uit je bankzaken

naam, categorienamen en slogan voor klantprogramma

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