WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen: international name and tagline for product brand and company

Emmen Zoo is the only zoo of considerable size in the north of the Netherlands. The park is known to always break the conventions of traditional zoos: animals in their natural environment and not behind bars; combinations of animals together in one environment, the Butterfly Garden, the Biochron, etc.

But the competition is evolving, which no longer consists of only zoos, but also leisure and amusement parks. Meanwhile, the visitors do not just come from the Netherlands, but also from across the border. Therefore, and due to redevelopment of the central municipality of Emmen, a new plan is created.

On a new, much larger location just outside Emmen, a new park is built, which will be more like an amusement park compared to existing zoos. At the same time, it’s distinguishing feature compared to existing amusement parks is the encounter with real animals. This means that authenticity and entertainment are two central characteristics of the new park.

It will open in 2016 and consist of different adventure worlds: a hot drought, one of icy cold and one of moist heat.


Globrands is asked to develop a name for the new park that expresses authenticity and entertainment in a way that is unique in its field. It has to show the essence and the difference with the existing parks. The name must be understood both in the Netherlands and across the border.


We have opted for a structure in which the name and a descriptive label together tell the story. The name has to be the distinctive element that contains the most emotion, while the descriptive part is rational and gives more of an explanation. The Wildlands brand name can also be used separately.

Concretely, the name Wildlands evokes the image of the different types of worlds, which have in common that they are wild and special.