Wepublic: new name for reputation, communication & public affairs

From GKSV to Wepublic

In five years, the GKSV agency has grown from four advisors to 30 men and women who share one drive: improving trust in the public arena, where reputation and perception are increasingly important factors.

This has created a need for another, more open company name that better shows what the firm stands for. A name that is internationally usable. Globrands is asked to guide the company in finding that name.

Together with the client

We choose the NameStorm as a work form. Together with the owners of Wepublic, we develop name proposals in one session on the basis of the brand strategy. From those, we select a shortlist. In the session, we combine the input of the client with the experience of a consultant and two creatives from Globrands. This pragmatic approach is fits well with the way Wepublic works.

Why the name Wepublic?

Frank Körver, partner at Wepublic:

“The name Wepublic responds to one of the biggest challenges for our customers, which is how to earn trust from society, government and consumers. In recent years we have seen how vulnerable organizations and their directors have become through changing social relationships and the impact of technological developments. Moreover, the name sounds well and fits perfectly with our international ambitions.”