Valess: international name for product

For years, Campina has been the largest brand in the Dutch supermarkets. Campina produces milk, yogurt, custard, whipped cream, evaporated milk and cheese. It also owns a number of sub-brands like Optimel, Vifit, Milner and Botergoud.


Campina has asked Globrands to develop a distinctive brand name that functions as a new category designation between meat, fish and chicken. The name would be accompanied by a Campina endorsement where possible, but should not be dependent on it.

The brand essence: “feel good every day thanks to better food”. The briefing contained the following benefits and thoughts: ‘natural freshness’, ‘nutritional’, ‘foody’ and ‘authorative’.

The name  were to be language-neutral and internationally appealing. The trademark needed to be protected in all of the European Union. The main market would be Western Europe. A short, compact name with an open, bright sound was preferred and the .com and .nl domainnames needed to be available.

Paul Houtepen, marketing manager at Campina Valess:

“A new product category requires very specific naming. Globrands has guided us excellently.”