Stedin: name for company

Eneco TSO (Transmission System Operator) is an independent company within the Eneco Group and is 100% owned by Eneco Holding NV. Eneco TSO has the legislated duty to build and maintain gas and electricity networks and ensure the efficient transmission of electricity and gas, including the administration and responsibility for safety and reliability. Because of the WON (Independent Network Management Act) Eneco TSO will become completely independent of the commercial part of Eneco Energy. Eneco TSO has the ambition to become a leading independent operator with an excellent reputation.

Eneco TSO has asked Globrands to create a powerful Dutch name for the TSO, which could carry the promise to the customer: solid craftsmanship, commitment to society, transparent and proactive, flexible and above all knowledgeable. The new name had to reflect the Rotterdam ‘hands-on’ mentality: no words, but deeds’.

From different sessions, it became clear that ‘movement’ and ‘metropole’ were two major themes. The name Stedin is based on the words ‘stedelijk’ (urban) and ‘dynamiek’ (dynamic). The name has a nice, solid, Dutch sound and is an anagram of the word ‘dienst’ (‘service’). The extension .net has been added to the logo in order to make clear that operating a network is the core activity.

The logo has been developed by design agency Koeweiden Postma.

Globrands also developed the name Joulz, the new independent infrastructure company that has also emerged from Eneco.