Nordian: name for investment company


Rabo Capital, the buyout arm of Rabobank, will become autonomous, a process that is guided by Rabobank and CommonWealth Investments. The new company aims to further expand its strong position in the mid-market private equity sector while its strategy will remain virtually unchanged:

  • The company’s focus will continue to be on acquiring majority stakes in profitable and sustainably growing Dutch companies with a proven track record and an operating profit of at least 3 million euros.
  • It will remain a generic investment company, although it does have an affinity with certain sectors (eg Food, Health and Services).



Globrands was asked to develop a company name which sounds professional and entrepreneurial, while it matches with a small, open, down-to-earth organisation where knowledge is the foundation. It has its origin in Holland and Friesland. In relation to other companies, the role of partner and coach is important. The name should be protectable under trademark law and may be Dutch, English, or language neutral.


The name Nordian was chosen because it refers to the northern Dutch roots, while sounding rational and professional without creating too much distance. Another advantage is that it does not sound invented.