Mondygo: international company name

Via the online booking tool Mondygo, vacationers find the entire global supply of all Dutch tour operators. Based on the type of travelling group, Mondygo shows the top rated accommodations at the holiday destination. The tool, which is accessible via any PC, tablet or smartphone, contains over 80 million prices of all types of rooms, apartments and flights worldwide.

Diederik Rus, Director / Co-Owner at Montys Travel Group:

“We are pleased with the positioning, brand name and slogan Globrands has developed.

“The name tells exactly what we want to convey, namely a new way of booking that puts the world at your feet. The name fits our international aspirations while the .com domain availability makes them actually possible, while still building on our Dutch roots through the link Montys. The slogan is ambiguous in a fun way and gives a good indication that with Mondygo, you can find yourself the best possible vacation in an easy way. ”

The graphic identity is provided by G2K.

The slogan Globrands has developed is: “Find the holiday that clicks.”