Milner: international name for product brand

Milner cheese is made with semi-skimmed milk and therefore naturally contains up to 40% less fat than Gouda 48 + cheese. In addition, Milner (like semi-skimmed milk) contains nutrients such as calcium, protein, phosphorus, and vitamin B12. Nutrients you need every day. Milner is also the healthy cheese for your sandwich in the kitchen or at the drink.

The name sounds tasty, soft and not invented.

Since the name does not communicate too litterally that it refers to reduced-fat cheese or, more generally, healthiness, it is possible to market the product differently in different countries.

Milner is available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Spain. In each country, the brand has a different positioning. In the Netherlands, Milner is mainly associated with diets and eaten by mostly women only. In Greece, the cheese is eaten by the whole family. Spanish Milner consumers are especially younger families.