Migo®: worldwide brand name for pear with USPs

GKE introduces a new pear variety after the company launched the Kanzi apple a few years earlier with great success.

A pear with unique selling points

The new variety will have a brand name that is distinctive for pears across the world, suitable for both existing and new markets, next to the already existing generic pear varieties. The aim is to gain market share with a branded pear within the overall pear category in a controlled manner, rather than with a generic offering, such as the Conference pears.

The new pear has the following unique selling points:

  • easy to eat
  • along the road
  • firm bite
  • longer constant quality
  • pear with character
  • juicy, but not messy

ECI positions the new pear brand essentially as The Friendly Pear. Easy and attractive: my buddy, anytime, anywhere. As good as it looks. Eating is believing. The pear that makes you smile.

Name: short enough for a sticker, to be used all over the world

Globrands is asked to develop a distinctive brand name for this pear variety that can be used as a trademark both in different cultures (i.e. Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia, Britain, France, Russia, China, North America, and more) as well as in all relevant languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, etc).

It is important that the name is short enough to be readable on a sticker on the pear itself. Claiming domain names is no requirement though.

Simple and distinctive

The name Migo® is en example of a short, simple name that still meets tough international requirements. At the same time it communicates the difference with comparable brands, because of the sonic associations with “amigo” and “me go” (for me to go).