Matchis: international name for Dutch Center for Stem Cell Donors

Europdonor in Leiden and Stamceldonorbank Europdonor Nijmegen are merging. This is a good moment for renouncing the name Europdonor, which brought about objections. For example, the scope of the organisation is nog European, but worldwide. And 'donor' is too generic, while evoking associations with organ and blood donation.

The challenge: a short, powerful name that shows the distinction with other donor organisations.

There is an important difference between stem cell and other types of donorship. Those who register as a stem cell donor do not necessarily provide stem cells. They are, in fact, standby. The characteristics of your stem cells are regitered as well as your contact information, so that they find you quickly if needed. Only when your stem cell typing matches that of someone whose life can be saved with it, you are called to provide stamcells.

To avoid confusion with other donor organisations, a name is searched that shows this distinction.

Can the name also be a slogan?

In addition, the new name should be able to serve as a vehicle for the recruitment of new donors. Because even though not every donor does donate, every one of them is important. There are countless different types of stem cells that need to fit exactly between donor and patient. A donor registration alone increases the variety in the database, which increases the chances of saving lives.

Therefore recruitment is important, which is why it is considered to choose a name that sounds like a slogan, like Be The Match. This is US's most important stem cell organisation.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that you stick to a particular slogan, while you may want to vary in it later. Therefore, it is decided not to choose this route and develop a name that clearly stands for the organisation.

Matches are the essence

Finding the right match very quickly, that's the crux. Sometimes internationally. This is at the core of what Matchis does and it is also the fundamental difference with other donor organisations or even stem cell organisations that freeze stem cells hoping to preserve them.

Even when recruiting donors, the name Matchis does its work: it emphasises why registration alone is so important. It increases the chances of finding the right match.

The brand name is being used internationally and destinctive in its own domain, which facilitates communication with similar organisations abroad.