Jiba: name for company / product brand

background and assignment
Travel provider Suntrex originated from SnowTrex, a company that organised skiing holidays, essentially for students. After some time, the name Suntrex appeared problematic.

The name was too similar to SnowTrex, which made the brand seem aimed at students like SnowTrex, while it was really for slightly more mature travellers. In addition, the name was not distinctive enough in a highly competitive market with competitors with names like ‘Sunweb’, ‘SunDirect’, ‘SunTravel’ etc.

In 2004, it was decided to move to a more distinctive name in order to obtain a strong, more ‘ownable’ position in the market.

Globrands has been asked to develop a name for this holiday provider that conveys pleasure, warmth and a sunny feeling. The name had to stand out and not be descriptive (containing words like ‘sun’, ‘travel’ and ‘holiday’).

Both the Dutch and Belgian domain extensions had to be available.

Managing director Bas Rasker:

“Our thanks go to Globrands, which developed the name in a professional way. The name is short, strong, happy sounding and oozing fun and holidays. We are very happy with the name!”