InnovationQuarter: international company name


The Ministry of Economic Affairs, several large municipalities in South Holland and renowned knowledge institutes in Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam join forces to increase West Holland’s economic clout.

West Holland is the economic engine of the Netherlands, thanks to strong industries in many different sectors and an excellent academic environment. There are successful organisations that promote the investment and innovation climate per sector, but because they are not yet well integrated, West Holland’s economic potential is still not fully exploited. As a result, the region’s innovative power is surpassed by similar economic regions at home and abroad.

A new organisation is set up that merges the existing activities and gives the region a face when it comes to investment and innovation. The tasks of the organisation are marketing & acquisition, innovation & development and funding & participation. The organisation focuses on three economic sectors: Medical Technology (Medtech), Clean Technology (Cleantech) and Safety & Security.


Globrands has been asked to make the core values more specific, formulate the criteria for a name, and then to develop a name that matches the identity, is understood internationally and does not raise trademark law issues.


The name “Innovation Quarter” is widely accepted by all stakeholders and has two qualities that make it strong.

First, cleverness and innovation are core elements of the organisation. These are suggested is in a playful way by the initial letters IQ.

Secondly, the name designates the region, without literally mentioning “West Holland”. In the Netherlands, this region is called “Zuid-Holland”, so the use of either designation would have generated confusion. The name now offers a unified way to describe the region locally and internationally.