Fontys: brand name for university of applied sciences

Higher Education Foundation South Netherlands is one of the largest educational institutions in the Netherlands, offering education in almost all sectors. The campuses are located throughout the Netherlands, as well as in Germany and Belgium, offering both bachelor and master programs.

After having worked together for several years, it was decided to cooperate at the organisational level, resulting in single faculties being spread over several campuses. Eventually, the organisation decided to create a new overarching brand identity with a new umbrella name.


Globrands was asked to develop a name that can act as a strong, independent umbrella brand. It has to be used internationally and leave room for the existing local campuses so that they can keep functioning as sub brands. Important: the organisation is innovative , appealing to both students and staff and stimulates development of talent and empowerment of the individual and society. The name must be usable linguistically, juridically and " marketing -wise ' in the Benelux, Germany, England and France.


The name Fontys sounds modern and classic at the same time because of its suffix '-ys'. It is based on the Latin word for spring or fountain 'fons' ('Fontis' is the dative).