Essent: brand name for energy company

A distinctive and innovative brand name, yet reliable and of all times.

Essent supplies gas, electricity, heat and energy services to consumers and businesses.

Essent is an associative name that was developed because of the essential place of service in the daily lives of the customers, but also its association with the English word ‘essence’.


The name’s requirement to be innovative and timeless at the same time resulted from the dynamics of a market that was privatised, in combination with the required familiarity and reliability of the utilities. In addition, usability of the name in Germany and Belgium was a criterion.


In 1999, the provincial energy companies PNEM, Mega and Edon merged to become the largest multi-utility of the Netherlands, with a very strong position in energy, environment and cable business. In each of these areas, several businesses operated, without using a cohesive umbrella brand.

After the name Essent itself, Globrands has developed many names for brand propositions from different parts of Essent.

Gineke van Don, manager Corporate Identity:

“For Essent, Globrands has repeatedly proven able to provide a clear naming structure and tools for brand portfolio management, create associative brand names and provide practical, effective naming like KeuzeTarieven.”