DigiD: name for government product

DigiD is the first Dutch government-wide used brand for consumers and businesses, after ‘Postbus 51’. DigiD stands for simplicity, convenience and reliability. The name provides an excellent basis for communicating the new government brand.

The need for clear, reliable and safe communication of citizens and businesses with government agencies and the governments themselves continues to increase. Not only the electronic signature, but also many other applications are being developed.

Naming was an essential element in this major government project, because besides al the technical requirements, it needed to be easy to understand and easy to use for every Dutch person. Globrands guided the responsible commission in determining the values and objectives of the name, and developed a name that fit them.

then minister Thom de Graaf:

“DigiD is an important step towards a safe and uniform means of electronic identification. The name seems so obvious that only a specialist could think of it.”