DiamondSpark: worldwide product name for Philips


Philips Lighting has a new LED candle, designed with a unique optical feature (lotus lens) that creates a sparkling effect which is normally present in ordinary light bulbs.

The LED candle is specially designed for chandeliers, in which the light bulbs themselves have aesthetic and decorative value and where the ultimate sparkling light effect is required.

The lamp is initially developed and launched to the professional market (hospitality and retail), but will eventually be launched in consumer channels .


Royal Philips asked Globrands to develop a unique and descriptive product name for this new LED candle, in order to help it distinguish within their own LED product range as well as from to competitive products .


The name DiamondSpark is easy to understand around the world and immediately evokes an impression of the light that is actually given by the lamp. It is distinctive and easy to remember.