Byondis; make hope real; creating precision medicines: brand positioning, name, brand promise and descriptor for pharmaceutical company

In April 2020, Byondis, a new globally active pharmaceutical company focused on intractable cancers and autoimmune diseases, was launched. Based on proprietary technology, Byondis will create new precision drugs with a broad development pipeline, including anti-HER2 ADC [vic-] trastuzumab duocarmazine (SYD985) for breast cancer. Byondis is a spin-off from Synthon Pharmaceuticals, a multinational that focuses mainly on high-quality generic and hybrid medicines.

interwoven process

Globrands and VBAT developed the verbal and visual identity. They did this by interweaving their processes, with Globrands responsible for positioning and brand story, brand essence, brand name and tagline, while VBAT was responsible for the logo and visual identity.

make hope real

The founders, especially Jacques Lemmens, turned out to be remarkably good storytellers, immediately revealing the rich corporate culture that came from parent brand Synthon. They came with a wealth of inspiring stories that always showed the dedication to outsmart cancer and autoimmune diseases. The following brand personality emerged: a passionate and daring explorer, working in laboratories with extremely strict quality and safety requirements, nevertheless offering patients in a seemingly hopeless situation the prospect of a solution. Globrands had the task of formulating the brand essence, which was expressed in the promise Make hope real.

Byondis – creating precision medicines

The Byondis name was developed by the international Globrands network and fits well with the character of the brand, meets all linguistic, trademark and domain name requirements and was received very positively by all stakeholders. Most importantly, the name radiates the ambition and pioneering spirit that is so characteristic of this brand, because Byondis strongly associates with “beyond this” on purpose.

For a new brand like Byondis, it is important to explain what the domain is, preferably distinctively and qualitatively, without it becoming attractive or stilted. Hence the tagline: creating precision medicines.

Byondis’ website can be found here…