Beyone: name for product range by DSM

Beyone™ is the umbrella name for a series of new structural infusion resins developed by Royal DSM. These are, for example, applied in building, marine and wind energy technologies, and used because of its excellent strength and fatigue resistance, easy processing, and environmental friendliness.

DSM Composite Resins is the largest producer of structural resins in Europe and a technology and innovation leader for the composites industry. As DSM Composite Resins’ goal is to expand in the high added-value segments, especially in China, India and Turkey-Middle East, it is important to obtain a clear positioning and focus.

The followed strategy is a naming structure with one distinctive international brand name as umbrella to cover a growing number of specialty products over time, adding to its reputation.

The chosen name Beyone elegantly conveys the core values strength, integrity, and progress. These values not only apply to the product itself and the way it is used, but also enable efficient communication and positioning of DSM with a clear differentiation in a highly competitive global market.

Globrands is the preferred supplier for brand naming and strategy at DSM.