Bettery institute: game changers in health: name and tagline for healthcare organisation

BigMove is a mental healthcare program with an approach different from regular mental healthcare programs, namely focused on health and behavior. Consumers often join BigMove when a regular GGZ program has not worked sufficiently. The company behind it is also called BigMove.

The programme is so well received by participants that the company now also wants to approach larger organisations to make structural preventive use of it. To this end, it wants to maintain the name BigMove for the programme itself, but develop a new brand for the company.

The reason is that in the role of separate sender, the company can tell more about its own motives. With its new brand identity, it wants to underline that it believes that things should be done differently in mental healthcare and that the company itself has a leading role in this. The new name should radiate authority, but also come across as an energetic change-maker.

Based on a previously formulated positioning by Generous Minds, Globrands gets to work. In the Name Strategy Session, together with Marijn, Louis and Liesbeth of BigMove, the naming direction is determined.

Marijn Aalders, co-founder of BigMove:

The Name Strategy Session is really nice about the trajectory. You get a complete picture of what is possible, which way you do want to go and, more importantly, which way you don’t.

Globrands then creates targeted name proposals. The client chooses ‘Bettery Institute’. A clear reference to ‘better’ (on a personal level and as a provider of a mental healthcare program), and also a reference to recharging (battery). The addition ‘Institute’ adds professionalism and authority to the name.

For the descriptor for Bettery Institute a description is sought to denote the energetic organizer of change. This has become: ‘Game changers in health’.

Louis Overgoor, co-founder:

Globrands always talks about the creatives, this gave them a kind of mythical status for me. Nice to meet one of the creatives at the last step.