Avinty: brand positioning, BrandStory, name and tagline

Impulse Info Systems, NederCare and VIR e-Care Solutions go together. By working together they can create the best possible software for the healthcare professional. The three parties each have their specialist knowledge of mental health care, youth care, disabled care and rehabilitation care. The transition from the current brand identities to one holistic brand identity takes place in steps. Assignment to Globrands: determining brand positioning, BrandStory, naming and tagline.


Before starting the naming process, further fine-tuning of the brand positioning was necessary. We looked for more depth in the field of brand personality and USPs. We tightened up the positioning in a short workshop with the management. Important values ​​are cooperation, attention to the client, market-specific experience and innovation. The sharpened brand positioning has been brought together in an appealing BrandStory.

Company name as endorser

The new company name will have a role as the sender's mark. The three main products will keep their own names: USER, MoreCare4 and VIR online. The name strategy that was established together with the management was aimed at a fairly abstract and innovative name. From this strategy, a name can be developed that can endorse the current products. At the same time, the company name must offer the new organization the space to develop new solutions that meet the ever-changing demands in the market. Avinty is a name that fits perfectly with this.

Promise to the customer

Avinty is a party that innovates healthcare. They do this together with care providers, practitioners and care organizations. The specific knowledge that has been built up in the market segments of the merging parties is of great value to their customers. That is why we have chosen to emphasize this in the tagline: Healthcare innovators, just like you.